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RheumaBuddy is a tool for RA/JIA patients to get insights to their condition. That means that the app provides a solid foundation for healthcare professionals for the counselling and treatment of the individual patient.

Often during consultations, patients have trouble describing in detail how they have been feeling since the last visit. That does not leave you with a true and fair view of their general condition. By using RheumaBuddy over a longer period o time, healthcare professionals can get holistic insights instead of a snapshot. That provides the opportunity to better target the treatment of the patient.

The app helps giving the patient a picture of which things cause less pain, more energy, and which activities are energy-draining. At the same time, the app can be used to motivate patients to engage in physical activities, spend time outdoors, and remind them to also enjoy themselves.



Co-created with patients and leading rheumatologists

The EULAR award-winning app has been co-created with the Danish patient organization FNUG and rheumatologist Berit Schiøttz-Christensen. Since then, over 10 rheumatologists and more than 100 patients across Europe have helped us to further develop the app, and we are proud to call RheumaBuddy the European market leader.





Understand your patient through symptom tracking

On the tracking page, patients can assess their symptoms on a scale from 0 (fine) to 10 (severe):

·      Mood

·      Pain

·      Fatigue

·      Stiffness

Patients can also add a note to their diary entry by writing a short text, uploading a picture, or recording an audio message.



Get a QUick overview on the pain map

In order to better understand how the patient has been doing the last couple of months, you can take use the pain map.

Pain map





REVIEW the development since the last consultation

The graph can show you how the different symptoms correlate with each other. It helps to better understand how the patient has been doing the last couple of months, and how the different symptoms correlate with each other.



Keep your patient motivated

Invite your patients to become a member of the Buddy community, where they can give each other advice and ask for a helping hand from other RA/JIA patients.


We have prepared some material for you!


The Quickguide

We have made a short Quickguide for you that introduces RheumaBuddy's features.
That way, you and your colleagues can get to know the app.



RheumaBuddy Flyers

For your patients, we have designed a Flyer that you can place in your waiting area in the clinic, and hand-out to your patients.
You can order these free of charge. They will be shipped directly to you.

RheumaBuddy Flyers for Patients
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Read more about the app on our patient-oriented website: rheumabuddy.com

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Interested in digital health?

RheumaBuddy can be a useful tool for clinical research. We are in the middle of running several national and international projects to further develop the app. That includes an extension to other related diseases, and the potential integration of the digital tool to patient registries. We are adapting RheumaBuddy on an ongoing basis for the app to be used as an effective outcome measurement tool. Thereby, RheumaBuddy enables value-based healthcare and can be a useful tool for large-scale clinical studies.

Want to learn more about RheumaBuddy, its features, its potentials for the future of healthcare and research, and how you can use the app together with your patients? We are open for joint collaborations, so if you would like to run a clinical trial or learn more about RheumaBuddy, do not hesitate to contact us.

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