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Discover patterns and gain a greater control of your arthritis.
Share your data with your rheumatologist and join an online
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RheumaBuddy is an app to achieve “self-empowerment”. In other words, the app helps you to gain greater control of your arthritis. How? By getting a better overview, discovering patterns and then by figuring out what you can do to influence the disease in a more positive direction yourself. Share your findings with your rheumatologist - RheumaBuddy is a perfect tool to document the development in your disease since last visit. On top of that, the app also has a buddy function. In an online community for users of RheumaBuddy you can ask for help, seek advice or maybe offer to help your peers when you have a good day. If you do not feel like sharing with every RheumaBuddy you can connect with chosen “buddies”.



By rating your daily rheuma symptoms using a smiley scale, you can easily track and register how you have been doing. Importantly, you decide yourself which symptoms you want to be tracking. Saving details about your day can help you remember your development over time.



You can add notes about your day, and record which joints hurt most today on a pain map. RheumaBuddy then generates an overview of your diary entries and pain mappings, which can be very helpful later-on – especially when you visit your doctor.


Get an overview over your symptom trackings over time in a graph that summarizes your development over the last months. You can choose to look at each symptom separately or see how the different characteristics relate to each other.



Besides using the app as a personal symptom tracker, you can join the RheumaBuddy community embedded in the app. The community is all about giving access to ask for help within a trusted community, and to be able to offer your help in return. You can join the conversation both with a social profile, or anonymously.

Did we mention that RheumaBuddy is free to download and use?

For profes­sionals working with RA:


An experienced rheumatologist in Denmark, Berit Schiøttz-Christensen, has played a large part in the development of this app. She too has seen the advantage of a tool for people with RA.

RheumaBuddy is primarily a tool for people with RA to achieve a unique insight into their own condition – and thereby how they can become motivated to break bad habits and adjust their life in a more positive direction.

To professionals, RheumaBuddy is also an advantage. The foundation for counselling and treating the individual patient becomes stronger. Often at visits to the specialist, patients have trouble describing in detail how they have been feeling since last time. That does not leave you, the specialist, with a true and fair view of their general condition.

In contrast, when your patient uses this app you will get a holistic insight instead of a snapshot.

You receive more information and a better understanding of how your patient has really been. That provides you with the opportunity to target your treatment of your patient.

We are continuing the development of RheumaBuddy. We can reveal that the development includes a service for professionals and health care professionals within rheumatology; a service that will make it even easier to get insights on how the RA is affecting the individual patient.

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"All people with rheumatoid arthritis are now getting the tool we have longed for - a digital tool that can register the variations in the RA between visits at the rheumatologist. It is very important for people with RA to have an overview and take control of the symptoms, and in combination with the buddy-feature, the app has a huge potential of becoming enormous beneficial not only for the individual patient but also contributing to a much better program of treatment. We are very proud of this project."

James Rickmann
Deputy chairman, The Danish association of Young People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

"People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are in need of a contemporary tool that helps them put themselves at the center and to take responsibility for their own lives. RheumaBuddy is extremely relevant for these people and very illustrative also when it comes to describing the daily variations in their lives with RA. This app can give them a better insight regarding the variations of the symptoms and the treatment."

Berit Schiøttz-Christensen
Rheumatologist and professor

"Despite living with a chronical disease, most people find clever ways to handle their own disease. With the app they get a tool that utilizes smartphone and social technologies. They get a virtual buddy that empowers them in coping with rheumatoid arthritis and the buddy network fosters knowledge sharing and crowd caring. We see a great possibility for the app to improve quality of life because of changed lifestyle and an opportunity to target the treatment."

Andreas Dam
CEO, Daman


Raising the quality of life for people living with RA, and providing them with a digital tool to gain control of the disease are the reasons why we have developed RheumaBuddy. Who are the people behind the app? In order to realize this great self-tracking program Daman, who operates and has developed the app, has worked closely together with the Danish Association of Young People with RA (FNUG) and rheumatologist and professor Berit Schiøttz-Christensen.

In the UK, Daman has partnered with The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. 

NRAS and JIA logo.png


The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) is the only patient-led organisation focusing specifically on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) in the UK. It has become established as the voice in the UK for people with RA and JIA - providing a total network of support, information and advocacy for those affected, their carers and families. 

NRAS was founded in 2001 by Ailsa Bosworth - with the support of rheumatologists and fellow RA sufferers - after a long battle through her own diagnosis of RA.

NRAS’ mission is to help those with RA or JIA to live life to the full by:

  • Supporting those living with the disease from the start and through every step of their journey
  • Informing and educating – being the first choice for reliable information
  • Empowering all to have a voice and take control of their condition

www.nras.org.uk  www.jia.org.uk



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